Why do I need to take a class?

The State of Michigan requires master & journeyman electricians, fire alarm specialty technicians and sign specialists to complete an approved 2017 code update course before renewing their license for 2020.

Is this course approved by the the state?

Yes.   We don't offer any state-specific course without approval.  
To check us out, find the state approval number next to the class name and verify with the licensing bureau.

Is the entire class done online?

Yes. All class materials, quizzes and the final exam are done through a computer or tablet.
You don’t need to travel or work around a set class schedule.

When you have completed the course, we will send your name and license number to the State of Michigan.

How much time does it take?

Michigan requires 15 hours for Master and Journeyman electricians.
You can take 40 hours, you can take 15, but you can't stop at 14 and get credit.  We do track time and enforce these standards.

Do I have to take a test?

Yes, but it's not too bad.   We want to help you stay current on the code and renew your license, not flunk you out of the trade.

We have a quiz after each chapter and a final exam covering the entire course.
They're all online, and you can take them at your own schedule.
To finish the course, we require you to pass with 75%.
During the exam, you can refer to the course material, your notes and the codebook. And if you don't pass, just study a little more and then try the exam again.

How do I fit this into my schedule?

Any way you want to.  The state requires a mininmum number of hours and we enforce that requirement, but how you schedule those hours is up to you.

This can be one marathon session if you like, or a few hundred 5-minute sessions, if that works better.

Do I have to do the whole thing on one computer?

No. Your progress through the class is stored on our computer, not on yours. You can log in from any computer with internet access at any time.
People have used tablets and smartphones to complete the course.  

How long do I have to complete this?

As long as you need.  We enroll you for 3 months, just because some of us need a deadline to stay focused.
But extensions are free, just call or email, we'll reset the clock, and you pick up where you left off.

What do I need in order to take the class?

  • One or more computers with internet access.
    Either Mac’s or PC’s or tablets are fine.  Smartphones also work, but screen size may be awkward.

    There’s no high-definition video, so slower machines and connections should be OK.
  • Software.
    Nothing new to install. The class works through your web browser.

    We recommend Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Have briefly tested Opera, Safari, and a few lesser-known ones.
  • A user name and password.
    You set these up yourself when you enroll
  • NEC codebook.
    Not required.
  • Calculator?
  • Printer?
Last modified: Thursday, July 18, 2019, 9:06 AM