The $79 code update course is not available for the 2023 NEC.
Michigan Online Classroom has provided online code update classes for 2008, 2011, 2014 and now 2017  NEC update requirements.

We live and work in Alpena, Michigan and saw a need for convenient, affordable update classes for electricians.  
After spending our time travelling and sitting in classrooms, paying expensive fees, we realized that we could offer a better service.   In 2010, our $89 dollar code class for the 2008 NEC helped hundreds of electricians, sign specialists and fire alarm specialists meet their state licensing requirements.   Starting with the 2011 NEC, we cut the price to $79.00.

Update: May 2024
The State of Michigan as adopted the 2023 NEC and no long accepts the old courses based on 2017 NEC.
Michigan Online Classroom is not offering a new update course.   

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